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Crane Rodeo Video

The Crane Institute located near Orlando Florida was the site of the 2012 Southeast Regional Qualifier Event on Oct 3, the fifth and final of the Regional Qualifying Rodeos which were held around the United States before the National Championship on October 27 at the Ritchie Brothers Equipment Auction in Davenport, Florida.

The following video and transcript is a summary of that final Regional Qualifier, narrated by Jim Headley, Construction Citizen blogger and president of the Crane Institute of America, Inc.  If you enjoy watching this crane action video, look for my next post which will simply be some of the video I shot at the Regional Qualifier in Houston, Texas on September 12.

Jim Headley narrates:

“We had a great group of quality operators who participated in three events: the Barrel Dunk, the Slalom, and the Pipe.  These events gave the crane operators an opportunity to showcase their skills and the art form of crane operation in a friendly competition.  They were judged on how well they executed these events and the time that it took.  The final two contestants [of each Regional Qualifier] went on to compete in the National Rodeo for the Championship.  We had good people, challenging events, and a great time.

“The Crane Institute of America provides the highest level of training for managers, operators, inspectors, trainers, riggers on all types of cranes and rigging equipment.  We are a written and practical test site for CIC, which is accredited and recognized by OSHA.  Be sure to check out our safety products and books on our website.”

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