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Construction Workers to the Rescue

Last week a group of construction workers rescued a 12-year-old boy who became trapped under the wheels of a van after the boy tried to run across a road through heavy traffic in Independence, Missouri.

As reported by The Kansas City Star, the accident was witnessed by construction workers who were at work nearby and who rushed to help the boy.  They were unable to free him through rocking the vehicle, so they actually lifted the front of the van and had the driver put the van into reverse and gently back away from the boy.  They set up traffic cones from their construction site to guide traffic away from the accident until the ambulance arrived.

Afterwards, one of the construction workers who had aided the young man, L. J. Fanning, spoke to the reporter.  He said:

“After we got him free of the vehicle, he was unresponsive, and I thought he might be dead, but then he came to.”

The boy suffered a broken collarbone and a few other minor injuries, but if not for the quick actions of the construction workers, it could have been much worse.  Fanning still sounded shaken when he said:

“After the paramedics had taken him away, I thought of my own son, he’s 12-years-old, so it did, it affected me.  I was thinking of him like he was my own son.”

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