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Construction Touches the Sky

If you want to see the latest of the tall or super tall buildings that are planned or constructed around the world, take a look at the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) revised website which features a Skyscraper Center.  This database, complete with stats and photos, is compiled under the CTBUH  non-profit organization which has its headquarters at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.  The latest posting by Nadine Post at ENR Insider (subscription required) states that

“The Skyscraper Center contains detailed profiles and images on every completed building in the world taller than 200 meters, as well as thousands of other buildings in various stages of development.  Users can easily determine the tower's rank, according to size, globally, regionally and within the country.  The website also contains the latest news and data on each project.”

Timothy Johnson, the council’s chairman, said about the new website, “The new site builds on our database compiled through 40 years of research and adds valuable new functions, new information and extensive assets for both professionals and nonprofessionals exploring the world of skyscrapers.”

The current generation of tall buildings contain forms and shapes that were dreams for architects, engineers and contractors until the last decade or so when the technology and world wealth made it possible for those dreams to become a reality.  Kids who are just now entering school will dream bigger dreams than we did and will grow up to create a future generation of super tall buildings in locations where development sites are at a premium in the major cities of the world and on other planets.  They will create their new designs that will stretch all of the limits as we know them today with new materials, new spaces, new thinking, and new worlds.

What an exciting world we live in today.

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