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Construction Site Turns into Classroom

Kalahari Resorts and Conventions is set to open a new location in Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania this coming June. The resort, which includes nearly 500 guest rooms, three restaurants, a water park, and a conference center, is set to become the largest water park in the country.

As part of their educational outreach program, Kalahari opened their gates to the park, which is still under construction, to 80 students from Monroe County, including the Monroe Career and Technical Institute (MCTI).

Kalahari Resorts spokesman Travis Nelson said, “This is something to be able to show these youngsters kind of what the actual application of the things they’re learning in school. The actual process is a no-brainer for us.”

Monroe Career and Technical Institute is an extension of the Monroe County school district and offers secondary students a technical education alongside their high school curriculum. MCTI electrical instructor Mike Witner was thrilled that the students were given the opportunity to visit the park.

“This is great for the kids because, if you look around, this is something we can’t really do in a classroom...You go to a place like this they always see the finished product. So at least now they can put how it actually got to that point.”

This is the third location for the premier resort.

Check out the video below: