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Construction Jobs on the Rise

CareerCast, an online career search firm, released its 2012 rankings of the Best and Worst jobs in the United States.  Construction jobs have climbed out of the basement where they were 2 years ago and are now showing steady improvement.  That is a good indicator for the industry and for those who are considering construction as a career.

The annual survey ranks the top 200 jobs on the basis of five factors: environment, income, outlook, physical demands and stress.  This year’s rankings show that construction jobs are steadily moving up the ladder.

The 2012 listing shows that Brick Masons rank 72 on the list, higher than Electrical Engineer at 73, Elementary School Principal at 74, Stockbroker at 77 and Attorney at 87.  Plumber were ranked 75th on the list.  Electricians were 81st.  Construction Foreman ranked 86th on the list above Teachers (92), Clergy (93), and Airline Pilots (104).

The job of Construction Worker was ranked at number 173, a marked improvement from 2010 when the same job was listed in the 10 worst jobs at 193. This year’s listing is an improvement of 20 positions in the last 2 years.  At 173, Construction Workers were listed higher than Flight Attendants (175), Actors (178), Farmers (179), and Disc Jockeys (180).

Oh yes, Lumberjacks (200), were ranked at the bottom of the list, but as the team on Monty Python’s Flying Circus used to sing, I’m a Lumberjack and I’m okay.”

Listed below are the links to the CareerCast pages which rank Construction Worker over the past 3 years, and you can see all of the rankings and their individual factors as you scroll forward and backwards through the website.

2012 Ranking 200 Jobs From Best to Worst: Construction Worker = 173

2011 Ranking 200 Jobs From Best to Worst: Construction Worker = 191

2010 Ranking 200 Jobs From Best to Worst: Construction Worker = 193

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