A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

C3 Update

The Construction Career Collaborative (C3) held their third update workshop in Houston in which they reported on their progress to date on this leading edge program to create a sustainable construction workforce.

The organization is in its early development phase and is in the midst of two major pilot construction projects being undertaken by Texas Children’s Hospital and the
MD Anderson Cancer Center.  These owners will require everyone on the jobsite to meet the C3 standards of financial security for the workforce, safety training, and craft training for the industry.  In essence, meet and exceed the existing labor laws for the industry, eliminate wage theft and misclassification, and minimize the “grey” economy that exists in many parts of the construction industry today.

Owners, general contractors, specialty subcontractors, and industry representatives attended this third major work session.  Together they have laid the groundwork for the organization and the task force is, under the leadership of AGC Houston, developing a structure that will enable it to move forward as the economy recovers, not only in Houston, but also around the United States.

This movement and affiliated organizations around the country have realized the need for a stronger sustainable workforce for the future, and they also realize that we are looking at major workforce shortages in the industry that are the result of high unemployment rates during the recession and the loss of many qualified workers due to retirement.

We will keep you up-to-date as the organization and the pilot projects move forward.

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