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BOA Tower – Another View

The Green Building Education Services (GBES) newsletter this week announced that they have printed a Treehugger blog entry by Lloyd Alter entitled LEED-bashing: Is the Bank of America Building really a "toxic tower"?  This entry takes a little different and somewhat more in-depth view of the LEED aspects of the Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park which I wrote about previously.  Following an outline of the building’s “green” attributes, including its energy use compared to other buildings, Alter writes:

“Every urbanist and architect says that New York is so green because of the way people are packed in and the fact that they don't drive. They claim that energy use per capita is the metric that matters. Yet here they don't know that basic metric and call the building a toxic energy hog. That's not fair to the architects, the building or the LEED program.”

The blog shows that the BOA building might not be the biggest “energy hog” in the city after all.  Take a look and join the conversation.

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