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The Apple Mothership Has Landed

We have watched and written about Apple Campus 2, the brainchild of Steve Jobs before he died, several times during the last two years of construction. We have been fascinated by the meticulous attention to quality and detail that the architects, contractors, subs and suppliers have devoted to creating what many call "The Mothership” because of its circular spaceship-like design. That complex is fast becoming reality for the 13,000 Apple team members who will soon be “working and living” there. The Foster + Partners designed “Mothership” is currently being finished by a contractor team that came on board midstream. According to a previous Construction Citizen post on an article published in the fall of 2015 in DeZeen:

In the last two months, “after a series of delays and cost increases,” Apple, Inc. has replaced its original general contractors DPR/Skanska with a new joint venture of Rudolph & Sletten, based in Redwood City, and Atlanta based Holder Construction. The new joint venture is tasked with completing the project. 

Wired Magazine author Steven Levy recently toured the nearly completed facility with Sir Jonathan Ive, the Apple leader of Design since 2007. In his account of that tour, Levy has written an article titled “One More Thing: An Exclusive Look Inside the Mothership" that includes jobs original appearance at the Cupertino city council meeting and traces the tour of the realized facility. The article is outstanding and the tour, for all of you who do the art of construction everyday, is full of interesting observations. 

The recent Apple World Wide Developer Conference unveiled the next round of Apple products. Maybe they will have an unveiling of their new headquarters, a fitting tribute to Jobs and the way he changed the world through the Apple designs and products.