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Another Bandit Subcontractor Gets Bitten by the Law

The economy in California might be on the upswing, but the construction industry falls short regarding the underground economy and wage theft and insurance fraud for one of the bandit firms that we are ferreting out all over the country.  Doherty Painting and Construction in Millbrae is neither responsible or honest.

According to an article on National Underwriter’s website Property Casualty 360, Frances Ann Doherty, owner of Doherty Painting and Construction in Millbrae, is accused of stealing from her workers over $600,000 of wages.  Not only did she withhold wages owed, she reported to her clients, the city of San Francisco and a number of school districts, that she had paid the prevailing wage to her workers.

“Liar, liar, pants on fire!”  According to the California Department of Insurance, Doherty is accused of misreporting over $600,000 in wages and over $100,000 in insurance premiums to her insurance companies. She has been arraigned on 57 felony counts for the infractions.  The article quotes California Department of Insurance (CDI) Commissioner Dave Jones [2] as stating:

“The underground economy is a real threat to California’s law-abiding businesses and owners.  Rooting out these bad actors and the fraud they commit is a top priority of (the CDI).”

That goes for Construction Citizen as well.  We are looking for all of those Bandits who are stealing from their workers, the insurance companies, the IRS, and you.  If you see one of them or hear about them, let us know and we will shine a bright light on their operations.

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