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Ad Campaign Honors Construction Workers [VIDEO]

We have written about the strength and skills of master craftspeople in the construction industry, but one company is going further to honor construction workers on their own.

According to a recent post on ConstructionEquipmentGuide, the "Ozinga Brothers, a fourth-generation family-owned ready mix concrete producer and supplier business founded in 1928 on the south side of Chicago, currently run by five brothers and a cousin,” have teamed up with their ad agency to produce a campaign called “Born to Build” that honors construction workers.

The campaign, underwritten by the Ozingas, includes 16 billboards, a series of 60-second ads, and an on-going social media strategy that has paid dividends for the company in their efforts to honor the industry.

The company is in the midst of the second round of commercials designed to partner with local vocational and trade schools to help recruit workers into the industry. The industry needs more companies who are willing to step forward to honor the skilled craftspeople that are “Born to Build.”