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3D Printers in the Construction Industry [VIDEO]

We have reported on the emergence of 3D printing in the construction industry several times.  Mostly the printers are being used to develop modeling for potential structures.  Sourceable, an Australian site, reported recently that a Chinese firm Yingchuang New Materials has begun to use industrial grade 3D printers to produce up to 10 single-room office buildings per day.

According to Marc Howe, a contributor to Sourceable:

“Yingchuang, which is headquartered in the Jiangsu-province city of Suhou, employed four giant 3D printers to create 10 one-room office buildings in just 24 hours, at a cost of only $5,000 per structure.

“The building materials were first printed and allowed to harden at the company’s own premises before being delivered to a Shanghai industrial park and assembled into offices on site.

“The construction-grade printers, which were supplied from WinSun Decoration Design Engineering, are of immense size in order to enable them to produce building materials of sufficient dimensions. Each of the devices measures over six metres in height, more than 10 metres in width, and around 40 metres in length.”

The firm has been developing the technology for the last ten years and is the first company to build multiple buildings in one 24 hour period.  According to Howe, the firm says that it intends to develop 100 recycling and printing sites across China to build these buildings, houses and even skyscrapers.

You can watch the printer in action in the 1-minute video below:

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