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2018 Construction Technology Trends to Watch

A recently published study titled “Construction Technology Trends - 2018 Report” compiled information garnered from 158 professionals at small and medium sized construction industry businesses (SMB) about the trends they anticipated in the near future in technology and software.

The key findings from the study are:

  • “Expect drones to be commonplace. 26% of SMB construction professionals are already using or plan to use (this technology) by 2020.
  • Expect larger tech budgets. 81% of respondents plan to spend more on technology over the coming year compared to last.
  • Project tracking, estimating, and job costing are the most commonly required software functions.
  • Software ease-of-use is king. Cited as the most important factor when purchasing new software; even over software functionality and cost.
  • Construction software buyers are more willing to review cloud-hosted software. 5% more than all other industries.”

The study, posted by David Budiac, Managing Partner at Software Connect is one of a series of on-going reports about the crossroads of construction and new technologies.

Software Connect is a company that helps companies “save time and money by recommending top software for your specific needs.” You can read the full report here.