A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Construction Knowledge

Owners, Contractors, Crafts Professionals in the Construction Industry:

Learn the vital role of construction throughout history and society.

Understand the individuals who make up the construction workforce: their crafts, skills, career paths and sustaining practices.

Confront the critical workforce shortages that the industry is forecasting.

Plan for current and developing technologies, including the introduction of building information modeling (BIM), the shift of design and drawing responsibilities, the Green movement and advanced materials.

Stay abreast of governmental policy, legislation and regulation related to the construction industry, including the subjects of immigration, registration, certification and taxation.

Assess the importance and business value of social responsibility and sustainable workforce practices.

See how leading construction businesses can produce high value and quality even when economic conditions put a downward pressure on costs.


Get ready to engage with other crafts professionals, contractors and owners on the social web to observe these trends and shape the future of construction.