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Texas based commercial contractor SpawGlass is not only changing CEOs at the end of this year, but according to Mobile Enterprise, the firm has deployed Motion Computing’s Motion F5v Tablet PCs into the field as part of their Building Information Modeling (BIM) efforts.  One of the first projects where the tablets are being used is at the construction site of the new University of Texas Student Activities /Liberal Arts Building at the UT campus in Austin.According to Chris Tisdel, BIM technologist at SpawGlass, “Our goal is to create a tight connection between design intent and field activities, and then provide the owners with the same level of coordination and visibility throughout the lifecycle of a structure.”Motion Computing is an Austin, Texas designer of tablet computers for industry including healthcare, government and field personnel.  Their website offers a 13-minute webinar which explains how Tablet PCs in Construction can improve job site productivity, as well as some information about specific tablet PCs used in construction (free registration required).  
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May 03, 2011
The pomp and circumstance surrounding the royal wedding last week were magnified by the scale and construction of Westminster Abbey, a building that has stood for over 700 years at a location which has been a Christian worship site for over 1000 years.My first visit, over 25 years ago, seared into my mind the import of the building, the flying buttresses and the lightness of the structure created by the three Master Masons who designed and built it.Even though I had studied Westminster as a student in architecture school, I was hardly prepared for my first visit.  The height of the nave was a number to me until I craned my neck to look up at how high it really was – 102 feet, the height of a 10 story modern building.  I was awestruck, probably more so by the fact that I had flown overnight on my first overseas trip from Houston.  I was on my way to Saudi Arabia to work on the master plan for the University of Petroleum and Minerals (Now the King Abdul Aziz University in Dhahran), and had stopped for the day to see the Abbey and several other sites in London.  Today, after numerous visits, I still stand in awe of the Kings, Queens and Abbots who brought the Master Masons to the site to build
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May 02, 2011
In a continuation of our series about a workforce development strategy meeting held at Marek Brothers Systems earlier this year, we bring you some interviews taken following the session.We spoke with Authur Ehmling, the training coordinator who has been with Marek for 30 years.  He explained that his job is to raise the level of the current workforce and to ensure that new hires fit the standard so that the Marek workforce is better than any other.  One of the techniques for achieving this higher standard is the use of workforce “coaches”.  Every worker that comes into the company is partnered with someone who has been trained so that the new worker is trained to the standards expected of him or her.  Ehmling stated that during the first year, each person receives 600 hours of training as well as 1400 hours of actual
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April 28, 2011
The good news for owners who are bidding their work is that there are more companies bidding for that work.  One example of that is shown in a news video posted yesterday by...
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April 26, 2011
Houston ABC news affiliate KTRK reported this afternoon about a new program which will be offered in the fall at San Jacinto College North Campus in northeast Houston.  The school already has a large, successful program in welding technology, but now plans to add “art welding” to the program.In the following video, reporter Deborah Wrigley visits the welding lab on campus to learn more.  She talks with Carol Scheier who is training for her third career after formerly working as a medical sales representative and as a remodeler. 
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April 25, 2011
According to a story last week in Syracuse.com, the online connection to The Post-Standard newspaper in Syracuse, New York, “The owners of a Pennsylvania construction company face...
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April 21, 2011
Today was Tax Day for millions of Americans, but not for some in our industry.  The current situation with our broken immigration system and the smuggling of workers into the...
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April 18, 2011
Previously we told you about a lecture at Texas A&M University about Ethical Dilemmas in Construction Industry Labor Practices.  Following the February 1 lecture,...
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April 15, 2011
I was asked to say a few words about the approach to the Marek Workforce Development session that we noted in several blogs recently.  The session, according to the...
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April 14, 2011
In an earlier post about the progress of the construction of the World Trade Center complex and memorial, we told you about the invitation from the Port Authority of New York and...
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April 11, 2011