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In light of the video that we shared with you last week where several folks with a video camera walked onto a jobsite and started questioning workers about their immigration status, we began thinking about jobsite security.  The video crew weren’t US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or labor representatives, although they might have been union reps.  We wondered why no one challenged them until about halfway thru the YouTube video.The question we asked ourselves is how can you prevent random people from wandering onto your site, so we talked to a couple of folks in the industry and looked on the Internet.  There are several issues that jobsite security includes.First, there is the issue of materials and equipment theft.  If thieves are brazen enough to strip copper out of compressors, they are brazen enough to steal most anything that you leave loose on the site.  
August 10, 2010
There are a number of you who are always on the lookout for sites that can give you in-depth information on Congress, the bills on the floor, the summaries of particular bills like the Employee Misclassification Prevention Act (HR 5107, S 3254), sponsors, co-sponsors, full texts of the bills and the current status of the particular bill that you might want to track.One of the best sites for you to visit would be the Library of Congress’ Thomas website. 
August 09, 2010
Construction Citizen has been following this issue for the last few months and most of our efforts have been to track the progress of the laws being introduced in the various states to make misclassification a criminal offense.  We have also mentioned that Congress has the opportunity to pass federal legislation under the Employee Misclassification Prevention Act introduced as HR 5107 in the House and S 3254 in the Senate.For those of you who are using the 1099 independent contractor approach for your contingent workforce, we have found some guidelines that might help you in your efforts especially in this economy. 
August 09, 2010
Construction Citizen received a video from a fan yesterday.  It shows some guys in hard hats walking onto a Whiting -Turner Construction site in Abington, Pa. and asking the laborers for their papers in an effort to determine whether they were legal.  They were not ICE or Department of Labor.  They began by telling everyone that they were not in any trouble, but that they were just trying to understand whether they are “undocumented” workers.  What they were told is an example of what Construction Citizen has been telling you about wage theft and worker misclassification.  It is also a classic example of how a general contractor can, in good faith, hire a sub contractor and the sub, in turn, hires “undocumenteds” or contracts with a labor broker to do the work.
August 06, 2010
For anyone wondering who hit the reset button on the economy and also wondering just exactly what is going on, I recommend that you order a copy of The Great Reset: How New Ways...
August 06, 2010
With the advent of the Arizona Immigration law, SB 1070, the filing of Amicus Briefs by 27 states, and the challenge to the Arizona law, many of us are not watching the Wage Theft and Employee Misclassification movement underway in a large number of states.This movement involves religious organizations like Interfaith Worker Justice and Centro de Trabajadores Unidos.  It has spread through Florida, New York, Chicago, Iowa, New Jersey, New Mexico and New Hampshire.  Most of the laws focus on the misclassification of workers as temporary or independent contractors where the result on the workers can be devastating and substantial.  The laws impose stiff penalties on employers in a broad range of industries who have a history of wage theft through misclassification.  
August 05, 2010
A recent discussion about Building Information Modeling (BIM) on a McGraw Hill Construction forum provides some interesting reading as small business owners were asked about their...
August 04, 2010
SB 1070, the Arizona immigration bill passed and is in force, almost.  The US Department of Justice filed suit and won a restraining order to stop certain parts of the bill....
August 03, 2010
The BP oil spill has taken a positive turn in the Gulf and the next issue for the major news media and all of the bloggers will be the happenings in Arizona.  The Arizona...
July 28, 2010
Matt Capece tracks the issue of worker misclassification and off the books payments for the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, whose home office is in Derby...
July 26, 2010